Our Tortillas

Our delicious and versatile Torticana Tortillas are baked with wholesome ingredients. Both our wheat and whole wheat tortillas are perfect for a variety of dishes from cheesy enchiladas and chicken burritos to quick and easy wraps.

100% Wheat   |   100% Whole Wheat: Torticana wraps are easy to roll making them an ideal choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner or everything in between!

About Torticana Foods

Torticana Foods is a family-owned business that originally began in the US with the mission to create quality baked goods in the bakery industry. Taking advantage of their mastery and experience in the market, as well as employing bakery specialists with over 50 years of experience, Torticana Foods continues to delivery quality products in Canada with their easy-to-wrap Tortillas.


It’s a wonderful day for deliciously versatile tortillas from Torticana Foods.
Fajitas or tortillas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.



Tortilla-based dishes

The Healthy Choice!

High in nutrients and fiber, our wheat and whole wheat tortillas are a perfect addition to any health-conscious diet.

chicken tortilla

Chicken Tortilla

Chicken Breast, flour tortilla, tomato, salad dressing

steak tortilla

Steak Tortilla

Sirloin steak, flour tortilla, salsa, tomato, lettuce, chili powder, garlic

vegetarian wrap

Vegetarian Wrap

Flour tortilla, hummus, avacado, cucumber, tomato, spinach

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Torticana Tortilla Production